“Production of New Generation Cable for Automotive Industry” project which started in cooperation with Nursan Kablo Donanımları A.Ş. and Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPU) has been entitled to receive funding from TÜBİTAK 1505 University – Industry Cooperation Support Program.

The primary target of the project is to improve high temperature durable cable and cable chemical formulations which are used in automotive industry and have limited production worldwide. The supervisors and project manager are going to be: Prof. Fatih Şen at DPU Arts and Sciences Faculty Biochemistry Department and Prof. Cengiz Yenikaya at DPU Arts and Sciences Faculty Chemistry Department.

With newly generated cable formulation, which will be developed in this collaboration, cables’ high and low temperature, flame and chemical, physical, electrical, and mechanical endurance will be improved and vehicles, hence, will become more reliable and safer.

Thanks to this project importing of these cables, which are not produced in Turkey, will be substituted.

Additionally, copper that will be used in cable production will be acquired from local companies and Nursan’s product range will be improved. In this way Nursan’s competitiveness in Turkey and Bulgaria will be enhanced as well.

Prof. Fatih Şen and Prof. Cengiz Yenikaya thanked the university management and employees, especially to Kütahya DPU Rector Prof. Kâzım Uysal, for their supports and provided unique opportunity.