Quality, Environment & OHS Policy

Nursan Elektrik Donanım San. ve Tic. A.Ş,
Nursan Kablo Donanımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş,
Nursan Otomotiv EOOD,

It aim to be a business partner who is primarily preferred in automotive sector in terms of quality, price, supply, time and R&D, minimize any negative effects that may harm the environment and human health in all activities it carries out and to work in accordance with its target and context by providing a healthy and safety working environment.
To reach these targets, we aim to;

*Engage the most effective and economical solutions in the fattest way for all the management systems with a continual improvement, increase performances related to management systems and prevent unconformities by consulting the employees and ensuring the participation of the employees,

*Ensure a high customer satisfaction with meeting internal and external parties expectations and requests and fast and efficient response to customer feedback,

*Increase efficiency in all processes,

* Reduce all the costs to a minimum level by increasing competition power,

*Exchange necessary information and education for speaking the same language with our suppliers and subcontractors:

*Encourage innovative and creative approach and increase awareness level by giving importance to R&D activities, investments and personnel trainings and by closely following technological developments in order to contribute to the country and regional economy,

*Comply with occupational health and safety, quality, environment rules legal and other requirements in our all activities,

*Prevent environmental pollution and leave a livable environment for future generations with environment friendly production methods by effective use of energy and natural sources,

*In line with our strategical targets, determine and assess the risk and opportunities form all processes, prevent unwanted results by taking precautions and thus reach the targeted results,

*Eradicating the dangerous risks or taking risk mitigation measures by previously determining all hazards and making a risk assessment, adopt a preventive approach rather than a corrective approach in this works,

*In order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases identify and eliminate existing dangers, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions by keeping the employees trust at the highest level,

*Communicate its policy to its employees, customers, suppliers and all other relevant parties by using all
communication ways and keep it open to public access.

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