System Design

Design & Co-Design
Nursan has the capability to be in total control of full wiring harness design as well as work as a wiring harness co-designer within vehicle design. Nursan design responsibilities and design framework are defined by the customer requirements.

In addition to wiring harness design capability, Nursan also handle the design of production tools & equipment and take out patent process of these designs.

Currently, Nursan is using its own insulation formulas of the produced wires and researching new formulas in advance for future competition.

Circuit Test & Assembly Table / System Design
According to production volumes and customer targets, capacity analysis in all aspects of machinery/equipment/manpower is realized and production layout is designed. Circuit test and assembly test tables, as the main equipment of wiring harness, are designed and produced utilising technical drawings & specifications, product complexity and customer requirements. Consequently, all produced wiring harnesses are controlled 100% by circuit test and visual control process in compliance with required technical and dimensional parameters.


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