Wire Production

Kablo Üretimi

0.22 mm– 10.00 mmcross-section standard wire and in 10.00 mm– 90 mmcross-section battery cable are produced on PVC extrusion lines. Nursan has 5 extrusion lines with overall capacity of 450.000 car sets per year.


Extrusion lines and capacities:
  • Rosendahl Extruder: 1200 m/min.
  • Nokia Maillefer Extruder: 1000 m/min.
  • 65 mmExtruder: 200 m/min.
  • 2 x 90 mmExtruders: 200 m/min.

PP Corrugated Tube / PVC Smooth Tube Production

PVC Boru Üretimi

PP corrugated and PVC smooth tubes are manufactured in Nursan and used for protecting wire from external factors and sealing purposes. Nursan has two apposite extrusion lines.


  • PP Corrugated tube Extruder: 50 m/min.
  • PVC Smooth tube Extruder: 50 m/min.

CSC (Cutting – Stripping – Crimping)


The CSC operation can be performed both mechanically and automatically. Mechanical crimping is performed on manual presses, supported with CQM control systems. Meanwhile, the automatic CSC machines are equipped with the latest technology and support several simultaneous operations such as plug sealing, double crimping and cable twisting. We count 41 automatic CSC machines in our production with overall 450.000 car set per year capacity.

Mechanical Splicing

manuel_kaynakMechanical splicing is one of the bonding methods of wire. The conductive parts of multiple wires are spliced with add-on terminal on manual presses and the area of welding is subsequently protected either by shrinking tube or tape.


PVC Injection

pvcenjeksiyonThe PVC injection is applied on harness ties with the scope of providing sealing on some areas of the vehicles. Injection machinery and molds are designed based on evaluation of raw material type and number of pressing counts.


Assembly Lines


The production process of wiring harness systems is designed in accordance with project volume and specifications. Number of boards and size of conveyor is determined after feasibility and capacity studies are fully finalized. Assembly process is performed on T-Conveyors (10-24 tables), Penta-Conveyors (5 tables) or Fixed Tables (1 table). Some additional equipment and boards are used for subassembly processes as well. All wiring harnesses undergo 100% electrical tests on special test benches.

Ultrasonic Splicing


Ultrasonic wire splicing is performed by applying the energy of high frequency vibrations to the interface area between the parts to be welded. Thanks to this operation conductive parts of multiple wires are securely welded.


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